Step 1. Contact us by phone, email or fax

The first step to contacting us by phone (+086 189 333 27798), email or fax to request a quote, and provide information about what you’re looking for in a challneg coins, medals or lapel pins. Then we will give you free quote& design options and suggestions for approval.


Step 2. Keep an eye out for your Quote and Challenge Coin/Medals/Lapel pins Design to Arrive

After we answer all you questions as well as you confirmed  price challenge coins, medals or lapel pins design options we sent, then we will arranged to production, during this time you should take care of 30% payment in advance via paypal or T/T, also you can ask for the news about your ordering process from us in anytime.


Step 3. Get your challenge coins, medals, lapel pins

Once we finished the order, we will take you a photo for review first, after you confirmed is ok, then we will arranged the shipment for you, as well as forward you a tracking number, finally you will get your coins, medals, lapel pins within 3 days. If you have any questions about our process or our products, please call us at +086 189 333 27798 or email us at today.


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